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Nibble and says: Go to Bed

Welcome to Nibble and Bit "Dot" Com

I hope to ovcr haul this site with more interesting content and a better user experience.

I named the site after two of my cats, which were brother and sister.  I named the male Nibble which is a term for 4 bits and named the female Bit.
The names became very appropriate because the brother, Nibble grew to be much larger than his sister Bit.

Over the years this has been a place for me to toy with the technology, so I started one thing and then let it get stale.
Please bear with me as I redesign this site.
  1. Before and After Clicking on a link - Warning
  2. Lottery Index - My Winnings!
  3. Classical High School Pics
  4. Second Congregational Church, Derby CT
  5. Derby RTC (Under construction)
  6. My resume
  7. Some of my opinions
  8. Satire (written by me....)
  9. One of my first tries at ASP vs JavaScript and my second page - lame but I am learning & Lame Third Page  Session Variable Testing Page 
  10. Image Map - demo & software testing
  11. Horrible Scopes version 1.0 - Moving Right Along (Finally)!
  12. Old Stuff - Started on other systems and later brought to The Web
  13. Geek Stuff
  14. Lists of Lists
  15. A revised copy of my old site which is being phased out. & old Pics Page (on the new site)
  16. Albums - Misc & TFT Pics
  17. My History Index
  18. The U.S. Senate 2008 
  19. Merry Christmas 2008
  20. T.E.A. Parties Hartford 7/4/09 - New Haven 4/15/10 -
  21. 9/11 Memorial -
Revised  February 4, 2014