Nibble and Bit

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Nibble and Bit

I am not looking to win; I seek to accomplish.

Creation According to Cats

  1. Day 1 - Light - Day and Night
  2. Day 2 - Water and The Sky
  3. Day 3 - Dry Land - Rivers and Streams - Vegitation (Catnip)
  4. Day 4 - Sun, Moon and The Heavens
  5. Day 5 - Animals of the Water, Birds of the Air
  6. Day 6 - Land Animals (Cats) - First Servant Adam - Adam's Nicer Half - Eve
  7. Day 7 - God snoozed in the sun enjoying His cats
4,000 years ago you human wroote like this. While good for most things, hyroglipgics still falls short.
Today you humans use an alphabet and emogies. Emogies do a great job of taking the place of many alphabet characters, but can't do the whole job, it proves that you huamns were are finally getting back on track.