Watch Before You Click

I got an email about "my" Pay Pal Account.....

Fake e-mail from "Pay Pal"

Before clicking on a link in an email message

Verify that the link in the email actually points to the site it says
Note here it does not

What is visible on a web page is what the page author wants the reader to see
A Status Bar will inform the reader of where the link will really go to...

Check the email program and be sure to have a status bar as part of the email window

The Web Page.....

Notice what is after the http://

It's not PayPal

It's very important to examine what is after the http:// - that is the URL / server name

Some browsers highlight this now - Pay Attention - This is the name of the server the browser is working with.....

The real home page

I stripped off all the other stuff and here is the real home page