Quips & Other One Liners

Addictions as "illnesses"

Sick people look to alleviate, addicts seek to exacerbate!.


"You can't always tell a book by it's cover" If there's a half naked woman on the cover, it's safe to say it's not a VB.NET reference manual!
"The best way to get something done right is to do it yourself" There are times it's just better to write a check and walk away...


Give them an inch 63360 times and what do they have?  Your mile!
Giving someone 2 apples when they demanded 4 is not compromise, that's meeting them half way - don't confuse the two concepts
Meeting in the middle means (or should mean) both parties had to give up or do something of equal value.


Talmudic phrase: He who has mercy upon the ruthless is really being ruthless to the merciful.


Education is the tool of tyranny in a free society.


Global Warming - Wasn't this planet tropical before a disaster? Could Global warming be a return to normal?
Don't talk about air pollution when you have a cigarette hanging from your mouth!
Interesting site I found/


  Today's favor is tomorrow's expectation!


It used to be Donkeys vs. Elephants....   Now it's RINO's & Jackasses vs the American taxpayer?
What's the Difference between a RINO and a Jackass???
Not enough!!!


Chris Dodd - Undid all the good he did as senator.
Hillary Clinton - Is a self made woman (she made herself ride Bill's coat tails)
Jimmy Carter - Is desperately trying to leave a legacy as a good person to cover up his legacy as president.(Indecisive tyrant who thought we were all idiots.)
Joe Leiberman - Is a good Orthodox Jew - Just stop by his office on a Saturday afternoon and discuss it with him over cheeseburgers!
Ted Kennedy - Opposed windmills on Cape Cod's coast because he's afraid he'd hit one of them


The purpose of the separation of Church and State is such that they always remain separate bodies challenging each other's morality 


Who puts the garbage in the halls? It's not like I bring a car load down every other weekend


"The more you make, the more they take" is true, but only 1/2 the truth in some cases.  Another Page under construction

Last Updated Feb 11, 2008