The Land of Opportunity, Not Rights

Around the turn of the century many immigrants came to America because it was the Land of Opportunity. Not so well known is the fact that a fraction of those who came to our shores returned to their homelands - they did not stay!

For those who stayed, there were few guarantees. Many Irish people worked long and hard hours for little pay building the railroads going west. Many Chinese did the same thing heading in an eastward direction. On this side of 1900, many people, like my grandmother, went to work in factories.

What attracted people to America? It was the fact that it was called the land of opportunity. With this idea in mind people came here ready to work hard with the hope that by working hard, they'd have a better life.

So what's wrong with America today? take a look at any slum section of any big city today. Many of those old buildings had people living in them who saw America as the land of opportunity. Today the people living in them have rights.

With "rights" people have attitudes.

Opportunity Attitude
Rights Attitude
Favorite Sayings
  • I can...
  • Thank You
  • I see...
  • Somebody should...
  • Well it's about time I got...
  • Why me?
  • See paying rent / mortgage as a way of building a credit history
  • Home Sweet Home - so it needs a little work
  • Not worried about paying - the eviction / foreclosure process takes a while
  • We'll blow this dump in 6 months
  • Proud to graduate
  • Have worked hard for this day
  • No one gave me one
  • Watt difrens do it makes?
  • Don't like paying
  • Ashamed when they get out of hand
  • "I have a right to basic service" even if I don't pay...
  • Possession is 9/10ths of the law...
Taxes  &
  • They have too much of my money
  • I'll vote those bums out
  • They have a lot of money, how can I get some?
When Accused
  • I can prove my innocence
  • They have to prove I am guilty
Free Speech
  • I can express any idea
  • I can say whatever the fuck I want to
  • Stops and looks before turning right on red
  • Uses turn signals as to share the road
  • I can turn right at any co lor light
  • Whose business is it where I am going?
  • Our future
  • Tax Deductions / Earned? Income Credits

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