Published by the New Haven Register, Feb 2005

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    There are many reasons why I want to see Michael Ross executed, the foremost being that I want my daughter to have a guarantee that there will be one less criminal she and her children will have to deal with, she is nine years old right now. While working at the prison office I heard many things about Michael Ross.  Nice person, great conversationalist, real gentleman, etc...   the sort of person who one would like to have as a neighbor. 
    If he is not executed, I fear that he may become someone's neighbor on 30 years or so.  By that time his victims will have been dead for 50 years or so and many of the victims' grieving parents will be dead as well.  Many people will see Michael Ross as an kind old rehabilitated man incapable of committing the type of crimes that put him in jail so long ago.   In 30 years will Michael Ross be fully rehabilitated or will his next victims be younger children?

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    I have read about Michael Ross, but what is said about his victims' last moments?  When one is hurt, one seeks a way to reverse or undo the damage and alleviate the pain.  He persisted in inflicting pain to these women while deriving pleasure from it.  Ross claims he's sick -= an illness is to blame!  It seems to me that human are the only living creature that kills for pleasure, even the most ferocious animal kills its own kind for reasons better than pleasure.  Thus to compare Michael Ross to an animal is an insult to animals and to pity him for having a sickness is to absolve him for  actions that are beneath that of most animals.
    Animals which attack people for no good reason are put down for society's protection, thus people who kill for pleasure deserve the same fate for society's protection as well.