Letter to New Haven Register 9/21/97

After reading the story about Judge Kenefick's decision to grant accelerated probation to Tanh Keobapha , I reached the conclusion that this person got away with murder. In almost any other court room in the country Mr. Keobapha would have at least been charge with negligent homicide in the death of Randy Deglin.

Quoting the story Samantha and Randy "...were not in a cross walk and wearing dark clothing when they were struck shortly after dusk." So they were J-walking, they broke a law.

The next sentence reads "Keobapha did not have his lights on at the time.". At this point I feel that Keobapha is driving recklessly. Around dusk most street lights go on automatically, Keobapha should have taken the hint. Also isn't there a law that states that headlights should be turned on at dusk? Depending on the color of the car, the children's' chances of seeing the deathmobile were slim to none.

My wrath peaked when I read "...while his (Deglin) son was dragged 400 feet as Keobapha hid his beer can". When most drivers hit something as small as a squirrel or cat they stop the car after hearing the loud thud those little bodies make. But Mr. Keobapha felt it more important to hide his can of beer than to stop his automobile and possibly spare the life of Randy Deglin. That sounds like murder to me.

For those people who feel that Randy was almost as good as dead because of the initial impact, try this. Put on a pair of shorts and go to a football field. Crawl from one end to the other. Once at the other end turn around and crawl to the 33 yard line - that's 399 feet. Can you feel some of Randy's pain now? Judge Kenefick obviously did not.

I urge the powers to be to impeach Judge Kenefick as soon as possible before his decision becomes a standing precedent.