New Haven Register May 24, 2010

Sections in Black were published, Red were not

    Nero fiddled while Rome burned, the orchestra played "Nearer, My God, To Thee" in the final moments as Titanic sank and now our politicians in Washington prepare to investigate and legislate as the oil slick in the Gulf approaches the surrounding shores.  Rome has since rebuilt and the Titanic sits at the bottom of the Atlantic, but now action must be taken to contain the slick as to save our coast.   Efforts made to stop the leak are also needed and their success will only stop a situation from becoming worst as this must be viewed as two separate disasters, the first causing the second.

    Some in the press want to call this “Obama’s Katrina” and insist on asking why the administration’s response was slow, others ask why we only had one fire boom available.  The present reality is that we were not prepared and the situation continues to grow worst.   

    I now feel that Washington and Hollywood has forgotten about the rest of this nation.  Despite the fact that we are in a deep recession, America and the world could still do a lot to help.  In the hours immediately after the collapse of the North and South Towers, many Americans rolled up their sleeves knowing that blood was more needed more than money at that moment. 

    I recently read an article about a hair dresser cutting hair for use in the Gulf.  The article stated that clean hair attracted oil and could be used to help clean up the slick.

    My daughter has donated her hair to “Locks of Love” in the past and would consider donating some of her hair to help the Gulf. I am told that I could use a hair cut as well.  Also given I have 3 cats and a dog, after a spring cleaning, I could add more hair to the Gulf effort.       

    I keep hearing on how prices on certain items are going to rise, costing us all an “arm and leg”, but I ask why isn’t Washington and Hollywood asking us all for a “head of hair”? 

    I remember back to my high school graduation in 1985 and remember the song “We are the World” and how Hollywood rallied the US and the rest of the world to help Africa. 

    Many of those who sang in the original group “USA for Africa” are still alive today and could celebrate the 25th anniversary along with new talent showing the world their new short hair cuts.  “Cut your hair - show you care”, could go up on billboards and baseball caps with the words “I care” could also raise funds for the effort. 

    Instead of turning to the American people, some of the most innovative and charitable people of the world, Washington has turned on the oil companies.  Since Katrina, we have a new president, new speaker of the house and a new senate majority leader but the same results coming from Washington.