Derby CT Mayor Race 2011

         I have been following the Staffieri / Foley mayoral race in Derby and have read many people’s comments.  I found one particularly disturbing; I hope the comments were made out of ignorance rather than malice.  Each side is presenting the voters with a set of facts hoping to influence each voter’s assessment of their candidate.  It’s just that simple.

    To me, this is a simple incumbent - challenger race where one can either run a positive campaign, “vote for me” or a negative campaign “don’t vote for my opponent”.  The upside to a positive campaign is that people voted in favor of a candidate, the downside is that the winning candidate will be held accountable.  The upside to a negative campaign is that fewer promises need to be made, but the negative side is the fact that people voted for a candidate that they really did not like.

    While Dan Foley points out the departure of certain businesses, Tony Staffieri points out the arrival of new business. A quick drive around Derby supports the cliche  that “the more things change, the more they stay the same”..Where Connie’s once was Bar None is today.  The Tailgators sign has been replaced by the Whiskey’s sign at the corner of Derby Ave and Main Street.  Dan Foley held a fund raising dinner at Lucarelli’s where The River Restaurant once was.  The former nearby Citi Financial office is now The Mail Box Store. The Italian Pavilion is relocating to the former site of Brickhouse which also housed Emily’s at one time as well.  Payless Shoes moved out and Snap Fitness 24-7 moved in and Edge Fitness is doing the same to the former Staples location.  Smoke and Bones BBQ Restaurant opened in a location which housed an adult book and video shop, which at one time was the site of Deerfield Meats.
    Foley states that a Derby taxpayer pays $3906.00 in property tax for a $200,000 house while a Shelton taxpayer pays $2599.80 in property taxes  Looking at, Derby has an index $197,400 while Shelton’s index is $298,890, thus comparing something above average in Derby to something well below average in Shelton . Foley’s analogy is much like someone comparing beef prices using the price of steak dinner in Derby versus the price of a hamburger in Shelton Thus the voter must look at the bigger picture, weigh the accomplishments of Tony Staffieri against the promises of Dan Foley on Tuesday November 8th.