ACLU Opinion January 2004

                I can understand why the ACLU would be upset about the new plan to color code air line passengers with regards to that individual’s possibility of being a security threat.  The ACLU shares in our nation’s founders’ hatred of government.  Our country’s founder set up a government with a purpose of insuring “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” for all citizens.  In their idealistic zeal, members of the ACLU focus on item three, forgetting that life and liberty are the foundations for the pursuit of happiness.

                Our nation’s founders set up a government for the purpose of granting all citizens an equal amount of such rights.  Limits are placed on each individual as to guarantee those rights to other individuals.  Speed limits and red lights are examples of items which set limits on the pursuit of happiness upon certain individual’s as to better secure the right to life for all on our nation’s roads.  I do not see the ACLU trying to repeal such laws as most members are probably glad to see such individuals under control.

                September 11th is a grim reminder that some individual’s “pursuit of happiness” came at the expense of life for nearly 3,000 people. The hijackers were perusing a happy after-life by becoming martyrs of the jihad. 

                If ACLU offices were located in The Pentagon,  the 109th floor of the Sears Tower, the 101rst floor of  the Empire State Building and within other such landmark locations, I am sure that their priorities would change.  Insuring life to all as to have reasonable liberty and a reasonable pursuit of happiness would be more important than granting liberties in a manner which could at the expense of life for some.