This section must be included, because if this ever makes the million mark, 10 of the 1,000,000 are going to be stupid.
Out of that 10, 1 will have a good lawyer, in which case I loose.

Neither the author, publisher, person who lent or sold this book or any other individual involved with this document can be held liable for any actions taken by any receivers of information contained in this document. Parties involved with this document are not responsible for the contents within the document or omissions, weather intentional or not, from this document. I further wish to state that this book is to help one ask questions, not provide answers. Any decision made by a reader of this document is done at their own peril. Parties involved with this document can not be held liable for any bad decisions made by receivers of this document.

Also when I use the word "he", I am using the word with gender neutral intentions. I gave one of my college English professors a similar lecture stating that many other languages and cultures do such with no problem.

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